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Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy recreational adult use cannabis by providing exceptional customer service in a comfortable, clean, and quaint atmosphere.

Provisions Dispensary is a modern-day mercantile cannabis store. Provisions Dispensary is a preferred shopping destination that supplies high quality cannabis provisions at an affordable price: from the most trusted and recognizable brands on the market.

Our educated, friendly staff of Provisioners’ are ready to guide you to ensure you find the best products that are right for you. We have something for everyone…From the daily consumer to the first-time user.


Customer First: We treat our customers like family. We believe your shopping experience with Provisions should be personal. Our specially trained staff treats every customer like family. Providing our customers with knowledge, support, and patience so they can feel confident in their cannabis purchase.
Quality: Quality is in everything we do! We strive to give access to the best brands and products available on the market. We are committed to offering safe, consistent and effective products.
Teamwork: Working together means winning together! Encouraging open communication, collaboration, and respect for one another.
Do the right thing: Do the right thing for our customers, our team, and the company!

Hundreds of 5 Star Reviews

“What a chill dispensary. Jordan was a great budtender and totally helped me find what I really needed. Prices were fair and her service was fire !”

Captain Cannabis

“Loved this place. For recreational use. So you have to be 21 to enter. Lots of options. Very knowledgeable. Helpful. Limit number of patrons. $$$”

Rochelle G

Nice selection and prices. Great quality! The staff was phenomenal! “Highly” recommend this establishment!

James M

“The Dispensary was neat and clean with a good product variety. The two people working were both very helpful and nice. Stop on and see what they have to offer!”

Christopher B